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Alexander Vexler | Kameramann München
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I am a freelance colorist with over 10 years of experience, living in Munich. I developed the passion for colors already at the school, mixing colors for my paintings, but also helping all my friends & relatives to find outfits with matching colors. Besides my design study I learned color grading as an assistant at ARRI Film&TV.


I love to work on commercials, corporate content and long formats. I’ve been working for over 10 years on different film projects for different film companies and agencies, as well as for tv stations, like arte, kabel eins doku, HISTORY Channel etc. Since 2014 I’ve been giving workshops on DaVinci Resolve at film & design schools in Germany.




I spent much time to create a modern, high performant studio for color grading & finishing. My calibrated Sony High Grade OLED PVM 250 monitor gives me the security of my colors‘ accuracy. Clients are welcome to visit my studio at any time for a creative chat or just a good coffee.


In my studio I am able to finish for online & TV. I can also create DCP, BluRay & DVD (subtitled if requested).



„Total Control“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2018, The History Channel / A&E)

„Indianersiedlung“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2018, WDR)

„Südstadthelden“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2018)

„Das Spiel mit der Bombe“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2018, arte / ard / BR)

„Spielwarenmesse – Die Entdecker“ (Werbefilm, 2017)

„Sehnsucht nach Freiheit“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2016, kabel eins Doku)

„BMW i8 Spyder“ (Imagefilm, 2015)

„Liza rift!“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2015)

„Immer dienstags um fünf“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2014)

„GEFRO“ (Imagefilmeserie , 2014)

„Freistunde“ (Dokumentarfilm, 2014, BR)